MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — Kansas State University’s IGP Institute is continuing to work to address challenges in the field of agriculture by offering educational opportunities to industry professionals.

The IGP Institute education focuses on feed manufacturing and grain quality management; grain processing and flour milling; and grain marketing and risk management courses. Faculty and staff continuously work to provide an average of more than 70 courses to 1,500 participants from across the world annually.

To ensure the education of participants, the IGP Institute plans on hosting 24 on-site courses in 2020 that are open to the public.

This year, Guy Allen, IGP Institute senior economist, will be hosting one new course. The IGP–KSU Risk Management for Senior Executives course will take place Feb. 3–6 and is directed toward senior business executives who desire to have a better understanding of managing a range of risks in commercial business. 

In addition, IGP will be facilitating its annual procurement and purchasing short courses. The initial IGP–KSU Basic Grain Procurement and Purchasing course will be offered April 20–24, with the IGP–KSU Advanced Grain Procurement and Purchasing section to be offered the following week of April 27–May 1. A field trip to a major export facility will be offered in between the courses. 

“I’m thrilled to be teaching these courses this year as it will be a great opportunity for both new and experienced people in the industry to stay up-to-date on these topics,” Allen said.

In addition to the usual feed manufacturing courses that take place at the IGP Institute, Carlos Campabadal, grain storage and feed manufacturing outreach specialist, is excited to announce a brand-new milling management in feed manufacturing course to be held in 2020.

“We’re working to develop this milling management course with the goal to teach participants about better tools to measure efficiency in production, quantify costs, and overall optimize their mill,” Campabadal said.

He added that he is working on another course to potentially benefit U.S. grain importers who live in tropical weather locations. This course will teach them how to effectively store and manage their grains for longer periods.

To learn more about the 2020 course offerings, visit the IGP Institute website.

In addition, the distance education team at IGP is looking forward to another year of learning and improvement. They plan to offer 48 online courses to provide information to those who prefer to learn from a distance. For more information on distance courses, visit the GEAPS website at