PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH harvest receivals have tipped over one million tonnes and each zone is seeing its biggest week of receivals to date.

CBH said it is a short season in the north with some growers in the Geraldton zone likely to wrap up their harvest program within the next week.

Ben Macnamara, general manager of CBH, acknowledged that it has been a hard year for many growers.

“It’s been a tough year for a lot of our growers, but despite the dry season we are seeing some really positive quality and yield results, which is testament to how agronomy and cropping practices have advanced and enabled the industry to build this resilience,” Macnamara said.

Across the network almost 90% of loads have been received via the CDF app. 

Macnamara said it was encouraging to see the CDF app being fully utilized.

“This is the second year we have encouraged growers across all zones to use the CDF app, and the take-up for this season so far has been incredible,” Macnamara said. “It’s saving growers time spent on paperwork and allowing them the ability to track their deliveries from the farm, so they can see what is happening with their grain on site in real-time.

“The CDF app gives the site advance notice when a load is due to be delivered, as well as giving us real-time site cycle data, which our people monitor to see how the site is performing and make decisions on the go to ensure the site is operating as efficiently as possible.”