NORFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM — Associated British Ports (ABP) earlier this month re-opened its Bentinck grain silo at the Port of King’s Lynn. The move follows an investment of £400,000 to enhance storage capacity at the site.

As part of the upgrades, ABP said it has added 6,000 tonnes of grain storage to the silo, bringing total storage capacity at the location to 32,000 tonnes across 42 individual bins.

“We are always striving to provide the best storage and value-added solutions for our customers and this latest investment is a prime example of this,” said Kim Kennedy, ABP’s port manager at the Port of King’s Lynn. “It was great to see grain coming over the weighbridge and being seamlessly fed into the silo, allowing our customers to benefit from the enhanced operational efficiency.”

The Port of King’s Lynn handles approximately 750,000 tonnes of cargo each year, including agricultural and forest products, chemicals, steel and other metals.