PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group has completed four storage expansion projects adding 446,000 tonnes to its network.

The projects are part of the cooperative’s ongoing significant investment into the network that aims to provide growers with improved services and segregations during harvest, keep network fees competitive and increase throughput efficiency, CBH said.

“We’ve made progress with our ongoing network investment this year, adding a substantial amount of permanent storage to the network and improving our ability to receive grain from growers during harvest,” said Ben Macnamara, general manager of operations. “The completion of these four projects means we have more flexibility with our storage options for growers during harvest at the upgraded sites.”

The completed storage expansion projects include:  

• Dowerin: Construction of three open bulkheads with combined storage capacity of 122,400 tonnes and a new conveyor loading system that can receive grain at 500 tph.

• Dulyalbin: Two open bulkheads with storage capacity of 60,000 tonnes complete with a 500-tph conveyor loading system, and an existing conveyor system upgraded to 500 tph.

• Lake Grace: Two open bulkheads with storage capacity of 84,000 tonnes and one 500-tph conveyor loading system with two stackers.

• Narngulu: Four open bulkheads with storage capacity of 180,000 tonnes, three drive over grids, one exit and one entry weighbridge and a sample hut.

“Reaching completion on the four storage expansion projects is a great achievement particularly as they were all completed safely,” said Pieter Vermeulen, general manager of project delivery. “The team is proud that these projects will contribute to improved services for growers.”