SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, U.S. — Halverson Company announced on Sept. 24 a partnership with Bühler Group to provide turnkey projects for the grain handling and feed and flour milling industries.

The strategic partnership is the culmination of years of working closely together in the western United States to deliver large projects for major food producers.    

“This partnership will enable us to work even more closely together designing and completing large-scale, grain-handling projects,” said Steve Halverson, chief executive officer of Halverson Company. “We will be able to more easily design joint projects with Bühler equipment in mind, and Bühler will be able to design and innovate process solutions that meet the needs of our joint customers.”

Combining the grain handling facilities design, construction and maintenance expertise of Halverson Company with the grain milling and processing equipment of Bühler, will help companies in the western U.S. continue to provide the solutions to help feed millions.

“We are honored to partner with Halverson Company and blend our reputation with theirs,” said David Riley, channel sales manager at Bühler Group. “We look forward to years of cooperation in bringing large-scale projects to life for our joint grain handling and milling clients.”

Halverson Company and Bühler Group plan to continue to work on large-scale projects in the western and northwestern U.S. in the coming months.