ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — CHS Inc. is expanding its Fairmont, Minnesota, U.S., soybean processing plant. Construction is underway and expected to be completed by fall 2021.

“CHS is always looking for ways to expand market access for farmers’ crops and improve operational efficiencies,” said Scott Erdal, director of risk management and business development. “This renovation project will deliver value on several fronts. The processing expansion and improvements will allow CHS to grow market access, add value to our owners, capitalize on consumer demand for protein and ensure continued safe operations for our employees and the communities where CHS does business.”

The operational and safety improvements will increase the Fairmont plant’s soybean crush and soybean oil production capacity, enhance product quality and optimize production at the CHS soybean refinery at Mankato, Minnesota, U.S.

CHS said soybeans at the Fairmont facility will be processed into oil and then transported to the Mankato processing plant for further refining. CHS Processing and Food Ingredients serves food and feed ingredient companies across the United States and many export destinations.

“Regional livestock expansion has created new demand for quality soybean meal,” Erdal said. “This project will increase crush capacity at Fairmont and help us optimize our Mankato soy crush and refining platform.”