PASAQUA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Canadian Pacific (CP) presented G3 Pasqua with the 2018-19 crop-year Elevator of the Year award. CP presents this award annually to the grain elevator that achieves high volumes from a single loading point while consistently demonstrating efficient railcar loading and a strong commitment to safety.

“CP is proud to recognize G3 Pasqua with Elevator of the Year for the 2018-19 crop year,” said Joan Hardy, CP vice-president, sales and marketing, grain and fertilizers. “Their participation in CP’s Dedicated Train Program, 8,500-foot model capable track, and consistent and safe loading won them this year’s award. I congratulate G3 and the staff at the Pasqua elevator for their hard work and dedication to safety.”

G3 Pasqua is located east of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, and has a total licensed capacity of 41,300 tonnes.

“G3 is setting new standards for fast, safe movement of grain across our network,” said Don Chapman, chief executive officer of G3. “We’re very proud of our team at G3 Pasqua for their achievement, and grateful to CP for recognizing it with this award.”

In December 2018 CP also chose G3 Pasqua as the site to launch its new High Efficiency Product Train, comprised of new high-efficiency hopper cars. G3 Pasqua has been in operation since 2016.

According to Sosland Publishing Company’s 2019 Grain & Milling Annual, G3 Canada Ltd. has a total of 20 grain storage facilities with a total licensed storage capacity of 31, 538,062 bushels.

CP presented the inaugural Elevator of the Year award in April 2019 to Southwest Terminal near Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, for the 2018 calendar year. CP has since modified the award presentation to align with the crop year, which runs from Aug. 1 – July 31.

Grain elevators interested in competing for this award should contact their CP account manager for information on the eligibility criteria.