SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Policy makers from the Australian government joined a GrainGrowers tour in Riverina of New South Wales, Australia, to show how policy affects what happens on the farm and beyond. 

During a visit to a Temora grain farm, policy makers were able to see first-hand how drought, mobile connectivity and regulation impacts growers and their businesses. The group also toured grain storage and logistics sites, research facilities and processing plants in the region.

“This was the fourth year of our Grains Innovation Tour,” said Luke Mathews, GrainGrowers general manager, policy and research. “It’s always exciting to bring together people who are passionate about the growth of Australian agriculture as we work to the 2030 goal of a $100 billion industry.”

The journey through the value chain enabled participants to see how oilseeds and grains are grown, transported and then used in oil and beer production. It also highlighted research for the grains industry with a showcase of disease resistant trials for a variety of grains and pulse crops.

“We think seeing first-hand the innovation and experience on the ground in our industry helps focus efforts within government to improve outcomes for grain farmers and other parts of the supply chain,” Mathews said.