AVRIG, ROMANIA — A Danish group, Premium Porc Group, is investing €32.5 million in a Romanian feed plant, according to Ziarul Financiar.

Premium Porc Group is part of DCH International, a Danish holding company specialized in establishing and operating large scale pig production.

Premium Porc Group said it is the second largest pig producer in Romania. It consists of 11 companies with vertically integrated activities in agribusiness, covering crops production, feed production and swine breeding activities.

According to Ziarul Financiar, the investment includes the purchase of two pig farms and a third combined feed factory.

Since starting operations in Romania in 2006, Premium Porc’s annual growth rate is approximately 25% per year. The company has a growth strategy for expanding in Romania and it aims to double its current production capacity by 2020, reaching 700,000 pigs per year.

Lars V. Drescher, chief executive officer of Premium Porc Group

“I have great faith in Romania, I have great faith in our company’s future in Romania, and I strongly believe we are ready to move to the next step of our company’s development in Romania,” said Lars V. Drescher, chief executive officer of Premium Porc Group. “I am looking forward to doing this with all of you: our employees, public authorities, local communities where we operate and all our current and future business partners.”

With the head office in Bucharest, the group operates six farms located in Vrancea, Constanta, Olt, Sibiu and Braila counties. Current production is 400,000 slaughter pigs per year based on a herd of approximately 12,000 sows. Premium Porc Group manages approximately 2,000 hectares of agricultural land in Vrancea area and cereals produced for feed used in pig production operations.