GUETERSLOH, GERMANY — Filip is now offering a Blue Line product range of sieve cleaners made from blue plastic with blue nylon.

The product range includes sieve cleaners for plansifter sieves with and without backwire, flour sieves, primary sieves and the sieve pan.

Blue is the only color that does not appear in natural grain foods. Filip said it is responding to demand from international mill builders and large milling groups worldwide who are increasingly interested in sieve cleaners in blue.

The new sieve cleaning brushes have blue nylon trim material for a complete optical detectability.

“To make it very clear: our cleaners do not break during a lifetime of two to three years — even under the hard conditions within the plansifter,” said Mirko Filip, general manager and responsible for product development. “We only use very high-quality plastic raw material, which is very resilient and equally elastic. However, we know from discussions with customers around the world, some mills want to prove that all potential foreign material that could enter the semolina/flour during the production process need to be optically detectable. Following from this the blue color is a preventive security indicator — even it is not necessary in case of sieve cleaners from Filip. That’s why we offer the new Blue Line products additionally to our standard sieve cleaners out of white plastic.”

The products are U.S. Food and Drug Administration and E.U. compliant.