LEEDS, U.K. — 4B Braime Components has launched a new website, www.go4b.co.uk, with a clean look and mobile-friendly design.

The company said the site has improved navigation and functionality throughout, while allowing customers to access product information and enriched content with ease.

The 4B website has become a reference for many people in the bulk handling industry. One of the most comprehensive websites in the industry, the 4B website provides a wealth of technical information, from product specific datasheets and manuals, through to technical guides and advice, the company said.

The multi-lingual 4B website now offers even more languages, 16 separate language sites in total, to allow most of the worldwide customer base to access information in their own language.

“Many users pick up one of our components in the field, using a mobile device, and they need to be able to identify the part and find relevant information on how to operate their product or how to find a suitable replacement,” the company said. “We want to make sure that our customers can find the information quickly and easily and make contact with their local sales or support team, if necessary.”