SYRACUSE, KANSAS, U.S.  — A partnership between Scoular and Cactus Feeders, Inc. will bring a new daily source of feed to dairy producers in western Kansas. Cactus Feeders, Amarillo, Texas, is building a steamflake mill near Syracuse that should be completed by December. The mill will establish a supply of dairy feed for Scoular’s southwest Kansas customers.

“Steamflaking” processes corn into flakes and makes the feed more digestible for cattle and more efficient for farmers, according to the two companies. The corn is steamed, heated and pressed into a flake the size of a nickel.

“Our western Kansas customers began asking for steamflaked corn a couple of years ago,” said Josh Kasprzyk of Scoular, Omaha, Neb. “While looking for ways to make that happen, we started talking to Eric McMillan at Cactus and discovered they had similar objectives as well as the perfect spot to build in Syracuse. Now, we can deliver this fresh feed to our dairy customers seven days a week.”

Cactus Feeders finishes over a million head of cattle and 850,000 hogs annually. The company has operations in Texas, Kansas, Iowa, South Carolina and Georgia. Scoular, which has more than $4 billion in sales, provides global and diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients and food ingredients.