MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — With the goal of educating mill industry executives, Kansas State University’s IGP Institute will host the Bühler-KSU executive milling training course in Spanish, Aug. 26-30. Course participants can expect to engage in topics such as raw materials, cleaning systems, milling systems, product handling and storage.

Along with classroom discussions and instruction, participants will tour the Hal Ross Flour Mill and will be able to gain hands-on experience working with mill machinery, as well as processing and material handling systems.

“The training is designed to benefit current mill owners, directors and managers in the milling industry,” said Jason Watt, Kansas State University  Bühler instructor of milling.

Watt also said there have been past participants from several different backgrounds such as human resource, wheat buyers and financial officers.

Previous course participant, Betsy Horton, chief financial officer of Miller Milling Co., found the course to be very beneficial to her, even though she doesn’t actively run the mill.

“I understand more about what our milling teams are talking about, and everything will seem more relevant to me from a financial standpoint,” Horton said. “There’s a few things I plan to take back to our company about how we can make more money at the mills we already have.”    

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