WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — Planted area for U.S. corn and spring wheat were above trade expectations while area for soybeans and durum were below, according to data in the June 30 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) annual acreage report.

Area planted to corn was estimated at 92,282,000 acres, up 104,000 acres from March intentions, up 4,090,000 acres, or 5%, from 88,192,000 acres in 2010, and the second highest on record since 1944, the USDA said. Corn area for harvest was estimated at 84,888,000 acres, up 3,442,000 acres, or 4%, from 81,446,000 acres a year ago.

The corn planted area was well above trade expectations that averaged near 90.8 million acres.

Soybean planted area was estimated at 75,208,000 acres, down 1,401,000 acres, or 2%, from March intentions, and down 2,196,000 acres, or 3%, from 77,404,000 acres last year, the USDA said. Area for harvest was estimated at 74,258,000 acres, down 2,358,000 acres, or 3%, from 76,616,000 acres in 2010.

The soybean planted area was below the average trade pre-report estimate of 76.5 million acres.

Durum seeded area was estimated at 1,698,000 acres, down 667,000 acres, or 3%, from March, down 872,000 acres, or 34%, from 2,570,000 acres in 2010, and the lowest since 1960. Durum area for harvest was estimated at 1,647,000 acres, down 882,000 acres, or 35%, from 2,529,000 acres in 2010.

Area seeded to spring wheat other than durum was estimated at 13,627,000 acres, down 800,000 acres, or 5.5%, from March intentions and down 71,000 acres from 13,698,000 acres in 2010. Area intended for harvest was estimated at 13,220,000 acres, down 139,000 acres, or 1%, from 13,359,000 acres in 2010. Total hard red spring wheat planted area was estimated at 12.9 million acres, the USDA said.

Winter wheat planted area was estimated at 41,108,000 acres, up 3,773,000 acres, or 10%, from 37,335,000 acres a year ago. Harvested area was estimated at 32,307,000 acres, up 558,000 acres, or 2%, from 31,749,000 acres in 2010. Area planted to hard red winter wheat was 29.1 million acres, to soft red winter was 8.3 million acres and to white winter was 3.7 million acres, the USDA said.

All wheat planted area was estimated at 56,433,000 acres, up 2,830,000 acres, or 5%, from 53,603,000 acres a year ago. Harvest area was estimated at 47,174,000 acres, down 463,000 acres, or 1%, from 47,637,000 acres a year ago.

USDA planting estimates spring wheat were above the average trade expectation of 13.3 million acres, but the durum number was below the trade average of 2 million acres as was the all wheat number with the trade estimate at 56.6 million acres.