HAELEN, NETHERLANDS — Geelen Counterflow will launch its Counterflow Cooler Plus at Victam International 2019 in June.

It features improved product distribution, easy inspection and optional evaporation control.

Customers who want to avoid insufficient or excessive product moisture after cooling, due to fluctuations in raw materials or ambient circumstances, can use Evaporation Control to select the ideal air volume and cooling time to maximize or minimize evaporation in the cooler.

Multiple sensors for air and product temperature help to control the process. Even a 0.5% improvement in the average moisture content of product can have a significant effect on the processor’s bottom line.

The new Topdrive product distributor has its gear motor mounted outside of the cooler, lowering the risk of pollution and overheating. Inspection of all moving parts of the product distributor is now possible from the outside. The short vertical drive shaft in solid stainless steel minimizes the need for horizontal surfaces inside of the cooler, keeping the process as clean as possible. The drive of the product distributor is controlled by frequency converter to allow the corners of the cooler to be reached, leading to a very even product distribution.

The new design stainless steel +10%Hood has a 10% bigger air exhaust opening, which reduces airspeed to avoid product being sucked into the air exhaust system. The round flange avoids the need for a transition piece from rectangular to round and the diagonal exhaust orientation keeps dust from accumulating on any horizontal surface.

 The big access doors in the side walls and collecting hopper enable good access for inspection and cleaning. The side walls in stainless steel contain multiple product sensors to allow automatic selection of bed depth, depending on product and ambient conditions.

 The discharger of the cooler is the very versatile swivel valve discharger, available in mild steel or stainless steel, that can handle any size, shape and condition of food, petfood, aquafeed and feed. Its hydraulic drive with angle encoder enables your control system to automatically set product specific open and close positions.

 The new Counterflow Cooler Plus will be launched at Victam International 2019, June 12-14, in Cologne, Germany. Geelen’s stand will be at F011.