NAIROBI, KENYA — Millers in Kenya are opposed to the government’s proposal to blend corn (maize) flour with other local grains.

The government’s proposal seeks to ease reliance on corn and promote the use of sorghum, millet and cassava, reported the Daily Nation newspaper.

Millers have said the policy comes at a bad time, and the government should consult with all stakeholders before implementing it. To abide by the policy, millers would have to invest in upgrading their mills and ramps, the newspaper reported.

It could take up to 12 months to install the necessary equipment, said Munir Thabit, chief executive officer of Grain Industries Ltd.

Millers also said the policy would hurt consumers since the price of corn flour would increase as few millers will be able to import sorghum and millet.

“Small millers will have to close down as most of them do not have the capacity to import such mixers which will give them best quality,” Thabit told the Daily Nation.

The policy also said wheat flour should have 10% minimum content of crops such as sorghum, cassava and sweet potatoes.