BEIJING, CHINA — China’s imports of U.S. soybeans rose in March, but still total only half of last year’s volumes, Reuters news agency reported on April 25.

China imported 1.51 million tonnes of U.S. soybeans in March, according to data from the General Administration of Customs. That was up from 907,754 tonnes in February.

As part of an ongoing trade dispute between the two countries, China has placed large tariffs on U.S. cargoes and is limiting purchases.

Customs data has shown an uptick in China’s purchases from Brazil and Canada. It imported 2.79 million tonnes from Brazil, up from 2.33 million tonnes a year ago.

Canadian imports increased from 70,997 tonnes a year ago to 205,776 tonnes.

China’s total soybean imports in March reached 4.92 million tonnes.