CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, U.S. — Tim Miller, vice-president of national accounts at Grain Craft, has announced his retirement after more than 40 years in the flour milling industry.

Miller began his career in flour milling in 1977 while working summers at the Cereal Food Processors’ mill in Rosedale, Kansas, U.S. During this time, he was also pursuing a degree in business at Kansas State University. In 1982, after graduating from KSU, he was hired by Cereal Food Processors founder, the late Fred Merrill, to work in the company’s Cleveland mill as warehouse supervisor.

In 1984 he transitioned to sales and in 1990 was promoted to senior vice-president of sales. He remained in this position until 2014, when Millner Milling and Pendleton Flour Mills acquired Cereal Food Processors and formed Grain Craft. Following the acquisition, Miller was named vice-president of national accounts for Grain Craft.

In addition to his sales leadership, Miller held numerous roles throughout his tenure within industry organizations.  He was a member of the boards of the Texas Allied Trades Association, the Texas Bakers Association, the Midwest Allied Trades of the Baking Industry, the National Allied Trades of the Baking Industry and the American Bakers’ Association.  He has also held leadership roles for the Midwest Allied Trades of the Baking Industry (secretary/treasurer, vice-president, president); National Allied Trades of the Baking Industry (secretary/treasurer, vice-president, president); ABA (co-chairman of the Executive Leadership Development Committee); and the American Society of Baking (session chairman, program chairman, Advisory Committee, Executive Committee).

“Many thanks to my family and the many years of building relationships with company associates, industry friends and associates and the many long-term customers,” Miller said. “I especially want to thank Fred Merrill for giving me a chance of becoming a part of such a wonderful industry and having such a rewarding career with so many great people.”