OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY, U.S. — Owensboro Grain held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 28 to celebrate the expansion of operations at its location in Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.

According to the Messenger-Inquirer, the expansion included the addition of eight tempering-day tanks, three wet tanks, a 1-million-bushel storage tank, a grain dryer and a grain elevator. The company also added automation and 3-D imaging capability in its control room.

The facility has been operational since September 2018.

Joey Booker, grain manager at Owensboro Grain, told the Messenger-Inquirer that the facility can process grain from 45 trucks every hour.

“On a good day, we were doing over 400 trucks in a 10-hour period,” he said.

The expansion added more than 2 million bushels of capacity to the site, bringing combined capacity to 5.3 million bushels, according to the Messenger-Inquirer.

Founded in 1906, Owensboro Grain produces a variety of products from soybeans at its plant locations on the Ohio river in Western Kentucky. The company’s soy products include protein meal and hull pellets for animal feeds, crude and degummed oil, lecithin, various blends of refined vegetable oil for human consumption, biodiesel, glycerin, and industrial waxes.