MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Cargill has launched a digital platform called myCargill.com with a pilot group of Cargill’s edible oil customers in the United States. Features include online ordering, the ability to review order history and invoices, access to food safety information, and access to product specifications.

Cargill plans to roll out the platform in phases, adding other capabilities and customers in other areas besides edible oils.

“It’s 24 hours,” said Gonzalo Petschen, North America leader for global edible oils for Cargill. “Most of our customers don’t operate just 8 to 5.”

He gave an example of a baker, when baking overnight, could go to myCargill.com and then check a product specification needed for an adjustment in the baking process.

Features that might be added include market intelligence, tracking orders in real time and tracking where shipments are, Petschen said.

Minneapolis-based Cargill also is offering myCargill.com to agricultural supply customers in Vietnam. The digital platform is part of a broader Cargill focus and strategy, Petschen said.

“We think innovation, including technology and digitalization, can help us address some of the greatest challenges facing the global food system,” he said. “Our customers are asking for faster, round-the-clock services, and I think in this case, we are addressing that.”