GUETERSLOH, GERMANY — Filip Sieve Cleaners has reached an agreement with Interbrush, an Athens, Greece spare part company, to distribute the complete Filip product portfolio.

The product line includes sieve cleaners for plansifter sieves, with or without backwire; sieve cleaning brushes for flour sieves; sieve cleaners with studs for primary sieves; and pan cleaners.

“The team at Interbrush has an excellent network within the milling industry - even beyond the borders of Greece. In personal discussions, we have come to know Interbrush as a very agile and very successful company which offers its customers only first-class product quality: a perfect match to our products,” said Mirko Filip, general manager of Filip. “Therefore, we are very happy to have found a very competent and reliable partner with Interbrush.”

Emmanuel Eleftheriadis, general manager of Interbrush, said the company is looking forward to working with Filip.

“We are aware of the high quality of company’s products and are very pleased to be able to offer Filip sieve cleaners to our clients which are not only located in Greece,” he said. “Sieve cleaners from Filip guarantee perfect cleaning results, high yield and great durability."