KVANUM, SWEDEN — TORNUM has delivered a new Grain Cooler to Larrabee Farms, a family-run farm located in Butte City, California, U.S.

The Grain Cooler will be used to cool rice in order to improve milling quality and keep an even moisture content.

Larrabee Farms focuses on environment and sustainability and has been using grain coolers for several years. With this new TORNUM cooler, Larrabee Farms will have the most environmentally friendly cooler available on the market.

TORNUM said the refrigerant system used in the Grain Cooler is an indirect cooling system that uses 80% less ecological refrigerant compared to traditional systems on the market. Further, cooling of grain eliminates the need for toxic chemicals to protect the rice from insect damage.

TORNUM said the Grain Cooler offers safe grain storage temperature regardless of ambient conditions. The grain coolers are fully computerized and ready for immediate use, once connected to the main power supply.