FOSTORIA, OHIO, U.S. — Martin Olesen has been named director of popcorn sales for the Mennel Milling Co. In his new role, Olesen will be responsible for the oversight and coordination of internal and external activities related to the sales and marketing of Mennel Popcorn.  

With a primary focus of creating new opportunities for one of Mennel’s newest food business ventures, bulk distribution of high-quality, whole-kernel popcorn varieties, Olesen will work collaboratively with both domestic and international customers as well as the popcorn team in Morral, Ohio, U.S.

“We are excited to welcome Martin to the Mennel family in this newly created leadership position,” said Heidi Long, vice-president of sales, The Mennel Milling Co. “With Martin’s industry knowledge and experience, Mennel Popcorn is strategically positioned to expand and strengthen customer relationships.” 

After 25 years in the concession industry, Olesen will work to bring Mennel’s core values — quality, uniformity and service — into his role and industry. The company said his attention to promoting a positive customer experience aligns with its mission and further demonstrates a commitment to superior product quality and top-notch technical service. 

“Mennel’s notable entrance into the popcorn market after 130 years in the flour industry is quite impressive,” Olesen said. “Like Mennel, one of my strengths is honesty. I look forward to serving as an advocate and trusted source of quality, innovative products for snack food manufacturers, concessionaires, theaters, and other customers around the world.” 

Olesen is fluent in six languages, including: English, Danish, German, French, Swedish, and Norwegian. He is also a member of the National Association of Concessionaires and Association of Theater Owners.