STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN      — The Omas Steel Division received the “Supplier Excellence” award out of 31 finalists at the Electrolux Awards on Oct. 16 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 31 finalists were selected from 3,300 suppliers from all over the world. The event was attended by Luigi Nalon, chief executive officer of Omas, and Matteo Bevilacqua, the sales director of Omas Steel Division.

The event took place in two different locations: the Electrolux headquarters, where some briefs were held with CEO Jonas Samuelson and his team on the future business strategies of Electrolux; and the Vasa Museum, which hosted the Gala awards ceremony with the announcement of the winners of the different categories: Supplier Excellence, Supplier Innovation, and Global Service Provider.

Omas Steel Division triumphed with the award “Supplier Excellence,” standing out as the most professional and reliable business partner among many others who reached the final.

Omas said it is proud of the award and thanked the whole staff at Electrolux; the award will be a further boost to achieve new goals in the Electrolux/OMAS partnership.