BRAINSCHWEIG, GERMANY — The International Research Association for Feed Technology (IFF) practical course on “Essentials of feed compounding technologies” will focus on process technologies and give participants insight into the feed production process.

It also will cover the use of various resources, quality control, energy management and safety assessment.

The course is scheduled for April 24-26 at IFF’s Research Institute of Feed Technology in Brainschweig, Germany.

The course is intended for advisers, technical staff and other interested personnel working in the feed industry. It also is recommended to employees of the supplying industry, nutritionists and policy makers.

Basic processes in compound feed production will be covered, including storage, conveying, dosing, milling and grinding, mixing, steam generation and conditioning, pelleting, sample taking and more.

Lab testing, including milling, mixing and pelleting and pellet quality will be covered along with feed mill operations, including compound feed quality and HACCP, energy management and explosion protection.

The lectures will be given in English and participants will receive a workbook containing all lectures and documents.

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