VIENNA, AUSTRIA — The Mondi Group received awards from the French Association of Flexography (ATF Flexo) and the Italian Technical Association of Flexography (ATIF) in recognition of its bag-printing quality and expertise.

Mondi Industrial Bags, a business segment of Mondi Group, is an international producer of industrial paper bags for a range of industries, including food, feed and seed.

On Dec. 13, 2018, in Paris, ATF Flexo presented Mondi with two awards — a Gold Flexostar award in the “Printing on Paper” category for its Dog’Croc Chien Adult bag made for French animal nutrition specialist Sopral.

It also took home a Silver Flexostar in the “Printing on PE Film” category for its hybrid film/paper Canicaf dog-food bag made for Paris-based customer Néodis. The French competition attracted 135 entries from 38 companies.

The Dog’Croc Chien Adult bag stood out for its precise printing of a dog and child image on the package. The glossy, four-ply, pinch-bottom bag incorporated seven colors as well as lamination.

The two-ply, pinch hybrid open Canicaf bag for Néodis, meanwhile, involved accurately printing seven colors on polyethylene film.

 “We are proud to win these awards, because the jury consists of printing professionals from across our industry,” said Christian Latorre, managing director of Mondi Lembacel SAS in Bétheniville, France. “These honors also shine a further light on our Bétheniville plant, which already has an excellent reputation for its printing quality. Mondi is devoted to leveraging its printing expertise to help its customers and their products look their very best.”

This marks the third straight year that Mondi has been honored by ATF Flexo for its printing excellence.

Separately, ATIF in Italy bestowed honors on Mondi in the “Printing on Paper” category for its innovative line of dog food packaging based on Mondi’s FlexziBox concept. The awards ceremony took place on Nov. 20, 2018, at Spazio Hera in Bologna, Italy.

This is the second year in a row Mondi has won a printing award from ATIF in the category “Printing on Paper,” after taking home the first-place prize in 2017 for the high-quality printing on one of its self-standing, open-mouth bags.

This year, the award-winning product (REAL NATURE Crafted Choice) was produced for Mera Tiernahrung GmbH, which supplies private-label pet food to the German retailer Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH.

Mondi Padova, near Bologna, did the award-winning printing and laminating onto paper reels and then shipped the material to Mondi’s plant in Steinfeld, Germany, to be converted into bags.