WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON, U.S. — The Wilkinson Baking Co. is looking to transform the baking industry with the launch of The BreadBot at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held recently in Las Vegas. Described by the company as a “first-of-its-kind, fully-automated breadmaking machine,” The BreadBot is capable of mixing, forming, proofing, baking and cooling 10 loaves of bread per hour all on its own.

According to Wilkinson Baking, the 22-square-foot BreadBot takes 90 minutes to bake its first loaf, and then new loaves are produced every 6 minutes. The BreadBot operates up to a 24-hour duty cycle and yields a maximum of 235 loaves per day, the company said. The BreadBot requires about 30 minutes for daily cleaning.

“Bread is a staple of American life,” said Randall Wilkinson, chief executive officer. “But in most supermarkets today, it has lost its emotional connection with the shopper. In the age of home delivery, The BreadBot attracts consumers back to the store because it delivers fresh, delicious bread that is produced with theater and engagement. We’re so excited to bring CES back to basics with The BreadBot this year and to demonstrate how we have increased a retailers’ bread sales by more than 30% while also decreasing the environmental impact.”

Wilkinson Baking said The BreadBot is capable of making most varieties of bread that require dry ingredients, including white, wheat, whole wheat, nine grain, sourdough and honey oat.

Wilkinson Baking Co. is the operating brand of a group of companies founded and managed by the Wilkinson family. The companies own international patent and IP rights to a wide range of claims related to The BreadBot, extending the original inventive spirit of Richard Carlson. The BreadBot is the result of more than 20 years of research and development and more than 30 cumulative months of in-store market-testing experience, the company said.

For more information visit www.wilkinsonbaking.com.