WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Cargill announced on June 10 that effective July 1, it is ceasing operations at its Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, crop input and grain elevator facility.

The decision to close the facility is aligned with Cargill’s commitment to investing in and managing safe, cost-effective and customer driven networks of farm service centers across Eastern Canada.

“To better support our valued customers’ business needs and to provide them more personalized solutions, we are moving our Strathroy business to our nearby existing location in Melbourne,” said Andrei Grigore, Cargill Farm Service group manager. “Our facility in Melbourne is newer and better equipped to handle a greater storage capacity. The Cargill sales team will continue to offer personal service our customers in the area.”

Cargill currently employs four full-time employees in Strathroy and they are all being provided with equal opportunities to work in Melbourne.