CASABLANCA, MOROCCO — Cargill announced on June 10 that it has inaugurated a new $15 million, 67,000-tonne grain and oilseed silo in Morocco. The storage facility is close to the port of Casablanca and is connected to transport networks by rail.

Cargill said the new silo will allow it to improve the discharging rates of its vessels, allowing it to better manage its logistics. Additionally, it will enable the company to grow its service to Moroccan customers in the flour milling and compound feed industry, including the growing sector of large scale customers who require whole vessel discharges and also small scale customers purchasing smaller quantities of grain. It also will open up new business opportunities for Cargill in Morocco, Cargill said.

“Morocco has a young, fast growing population with improved access to education,” said Larbi Hamdouch, general manager of Cargill’s grain and oilseeds operations in Morocco. “People’s rising spending power is influencing dietary and food purchasing choices, and this has led to an increasing consumption of vegetable oils and animal protein, adding to the existing high wheat consumption. This investment highlights our commitment to the country and its economy and will allow us to link more efficiently into Cargill’s global network to connect surplus grain, from other parts of the world, to our Moroccan customers.”