SALINA, KANSAS, U.S. — Vortex revises its company leadership with a focus on growing the company and expanding its capabilities.

“Over the past 10 years, Vortex has experienced strong growth — with more on the horizon,” said Jeff Thompson, president at Vortex. “As our entire organization grows in size and complexity, managing the company will require more specialized focus and coordination, going forward.”

Vortex’s new leadership appointments within its senior management team include:

Travis Young will assume the role as chief executive officer (CEO) and will manage the strategic direction of Vortex, as well as other entrepreneurial investments made by the company’s stakeholders. Previously, Young was executive vice-president of marketing and global strategy at Vortex, overseeing the company’s marketing team. He has been with the company since 2004.

Brian Burmaster has been appointed senior vice-president of global sales. He will oversee all Vortex sales, customer service, application engineering and product design activities, including those at the company’s global offices in Europe, Central America and Asia. He has been vice-president of sales at Vortex since 2010. He has been with the company since 2006.

Cory Downing will take on the role as senior vice-president of corporate manufacturing and development. He will oversee all Vortex manufacturing and development activities, which includes supply chain management, engineering, new product development, special projects, and facilities management. This lends well to his previous experience as a plant and process engineer at Parker Hannifin for nearly eight years. Downing has been vice-president of engineering at Vortex since 2007. He has been with the company since 2005.

Monty Leach has been appointed vice-president of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and standards. He will oversee the ERP and safety and standards teams. Leach has been vice-president of manufacturing at Vortex since 1986.

Eric Montoy will assume the role of corporate marketing director and will oversee the Vortex marketing team. He will report directly to Young. Montoy has served as corporate brand manager at Vortex since 2016. He has been with the company since 2012. Previously, Montoy was art director at Leo Burnett, advertising agency based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Jeff Thompson will continue to serve as President, managing the company’s daily business operations. He has been with Vortex since 2002.

Vortex noted the reassignments enhance its senior management structure to account for growth, specialty and succession.

“With these revisions to the organizational structure and their related reassigning of company leaders, we now have a senior management structure that provides stronger focus and direction over our key functional areas,” said Lee Young, executive chairman and co-founder of Vortex. “Our company has had impressive success in its 40+ year history and we believe the future holds potential for continuing a high level of success. We have great employees and a leadership team that gives us a high degree of confidence in Vortex’s future. We have and will continue to enjoy this success alongside our loyal customer base.”