BANGKOK, THAILAND — Despite a shift to corn acreage, Thailand’s rice production in 2018-19 is still 2% higher than last year, according to a Nov. 28 GAIN report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

Production is estimated to reach 20.7 million tonnes as increased off-season rice acreage in the northern region and the central plains will offset the reduced acreage in the northeastern region.

Rice exports in 2018 are estimated at 10.8 million tonnes, a drop of 7% from 2017 due to reduced exports of fragrant and parboiled rice, which offset increased exports of white rice.

Corn production is estimated at 5.3 million tonnes, up 6% from 2017-18 due to expanded off-season corn acreage. Attractive prices and government financial support are driving the increased plantings, the FAS said.

“The acreage for off-season corn is higher than previously expected, particularly in the northeastern region, due to limited water supplies for 2018-19 off-season rice cultivation,” the report said.