VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — As part of its 2016-18 investment plan, Symaga is moving toward full automation for its factory.

It will add 30% mechanization and full automaton of the punching and profiling processes. The €4 million investments translate into 30% to 40% productivity increases for these lines.

Recent additions include two intelligent robots helping in welding operations, reassuring quality and full compliance, Symaga said. A new robot cell perfects compression rings, the most complex part of the hopper silos.

With a new 4kw fiber laser and a folding cell, Symaga said it is achieving productivity gains of more than 40% in cutting and performing processes. In addition, a high-performance punching line keeps top quality for its hoppers and support towers.

By 2019, the process of improvement in welding and bending lines is to continue, with plans for acquisitions of a high productivity drill for profiling.