LONDON, ENGLAND — Digitization and standardization will be the hot topics of Global Grain Geneva 2018. Following last week’s announcement that the ABCDs of grain trading are collaborating, attendees of Global Grain Geneva can hear all four companies speak on an interactive panel discussion.

ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus Company are investigating ways to standardize and digitize global agricultural commodity trade operations using blockchain and artificial intelligence technology for the benefit of the entire industry.

The companies also seek broad-based industry participation to promote global access and adoption. This session at the Global Grain Conference will explain how broad participation from the industry can drive greater reliability, efficiency and transparency enabling to better serve customers and consumers.

The Global Grain Geneva agenda will include the opening keynote address from Dan Basse of AgResource, and the new “Technology and Innovation” stream. Against the backdrop of unpredictable geopolitics and unexpected weather fronts, this information is more vital than ever.

“The agenda for the conference is quite broad and there is a diverse set of topics to be discussed, which will keep the audience engaged throughout the course of the event,” said Thomas Deevy, risk manager, Cerealcom Dolj

The event will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, Nov. 13-15. Visit for more information and program updates.