NAIROBI, KENYA — Mühlenchemie said it was able to highlight its relationship with the milling industry during the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) exhibition this October in Nairobi, Kenya.

With nearly 600 participants, the event included a panel from Mühlenchemie’s MEA team, with Dr. Lutz Popper — MC’s own expert and an expert on the industry.

The exhibition was used as a stage for fostering Mühlenchemie’s close relationship with the participating millers from the region and demonstrating the company’s ongoing innovations in response to the perpetual changes in flour milling.

Popper elaborated on this topic in his speech in order to promote awareness of the coming challenges, especially in respect of wheat from the Black Sea region.

Mühlenchemie continuously develops new solutions for improving flour quality, considering different wheat varieties from the point of view of cost efficiency, the company said. One example is reducing hard wheat while nevertheless achieving a satisfactory bakers’ flour entirely with soft wheat. In this sector, Mühlenchemie recently celebrated a number of successes in the East African region.

Mühlenchemie said its South East Africa team also used this opportunity to extend its stay in Nairobi for a gathering of the company’s regional representatives. The following two days were used for evaluating current market trends and customer needs and positioning enhanced products from Mühlenchemie itself and its partners in anticipation of the clients’ future challenges.