PARIS, FRANCE — Capagro SAS, an independent asset management company based in Paris, France, announced it is investing SEK 15.6 million ($1.74 million) in BoMill AB, part of a SEK 20 million round of investment in the company. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, BoMill AB develops high-speed grain sorting equipment that identifies, analyzes and sorts individual kernels in a batch of grain.

According to Capagro, BoMill’s high precision quality sorting of single kernel technology may be used to sort durum wheat, soft wheat, malting barley, spelt and oats on fusarium, protein, vitreousness, seed quality and falling number with a speed of 25,000 kernels per second, or 3 tons per hour.

“We are proud to support BoMill in its news phase of development and allow the company to access the large optical sorter market by leveraging its unique proprietary high accuracy sorting technology,” said Tom Espiard-Cignaco, managing partner at Capagro. “Indeed, with its innovative sorting solution, BoMill perfectly meets the worldwide customer requirements for quality and food supply security and safety.”

Karin Wehlin, managing director of BoMill, added, “Capagro’s investment give us a privileged access to a highly relevant network of partners and sectoral expertise to accelerate our commercial development in the French and international markets.”