MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. —The Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) board of directors on Oct. 9 named 2018-19 public directors and board officers and approved committee assignments.

Two public directors were appointed by the board. De’Ana H. Dow and Michael V. Dunn will each serve two-year terms. They join previously appointed public directors Steve Fanady and Bradley R. Griffith, who are each starting the second year of two-year terms.

The board also elected officers and members of the executive committee. Murray Stahl was named chairperson, Kerry L. Melius elected first vice-chairperson, and Martin F. Farrell was named second vice-chairperson.

Public directors Steve Fanady and Bradley R. Griffith complete the executive committee.

The board appointed chairpersons for committees of the board of directors and standing committees of the corporation. They include:

Committees of the Board-Chairperson

·       Audit – Murray Stahl

·       Executive – Murray Stahl

·       Nominations – Bradley R. Griffith

·       Personnel and Compensation – John A. Griffith

·       Regulatory Oversight – Steve Fanady

·       Risk Management – Bradley R. Griffith

Standing Committees of the Corporation – Chairperson

·       Cash Markets – Kerry L. Melius

·       Hard Red Spring Wheat – Christopher T. Matzdorf

·       Disciplinary – Mark G. Bagan

·       Hearing – Murray Stahl