ANTALYA, TURKEY — The agenda is now available for the X International Grain Trading Conference planned Oct. 30-Nov. 2 in Antalya, Turkey.

The event, sponsored by the Russian Grain Union and the Ministry of Agriculture, will focus on the global grain outlook for 2018.

Session one on Oct. 31 will focus on the prospects of cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the grain and oilseeds market. Discussion themes include: innovations in Russia’s agricultural policy; the possibility of export limitations for Russian grain; prospects in removing administrative barriers regarding Russian grain and oilseeds supply; and the potential transition to national currencies as the reference ones.

Session 2 later that day will focus on the world and Turkish grain and oilseed markets. Discussion themes include analysis of the current state; will Turkey retain its position as one of the biggest importers of Russian grain; and reducing risks when exporting grain.

The first day concludes with session three and a focus on Black Sea grain in the Mediterranean market. Presenters will discuss the prospects and problems of mutual grain trade; new grain corridors; and new opportunities for grain, grist and vegetable oil exports.

On Nov. 1, the first session will focus on the quality and safety of grain and oilseed crops. Discussion themes include harmonization of national security requirements; national regulatory regimes; and requirements for safety and quality.

The event concludes with a presentation on international trade mitigation. It will cover topics such as how to draft and conclude beneficial export contract using the GAFTA and FOSFA standards; how to minimize the risks and how to draft the contracts; and how to avoid default.

More information is available here.