KIEV, UKRAINE — Nibulon hit an exporting record of 965,000 tonnes of grain for the 2018-19 marketing year.  Comparing similar periods of previous years, it is the largest volume in the history of the company’s activity.

The previous record was established in 2015-16 market year of 915,000 tonnes.

Nibulon broke its August record by shipping more than 530,000 tonnes of grain. The company had not exceeded that record since August 2013 with 430,000 tonnes.  

“Despite the annual increase in the number of exporters, 2,088 companies in 2017, Nibulon manages to maintain leadership. It is testimony to a truly high level of competitiveness of the company,” Nibulon said. “We should also note the increase in volumes of river transportation to optimize the internal logistics as a step aimed at increasing Ukrainian agricultural products competitiveness in the global market.”

As for geographical spread of exports, the company exported 64.5 % of commodities to Asian countries; in 2016-17 market year, it exported 47 %.

Nibulon continues to expand its shipping abilities.

“Last year, the share of exports to China increased from 2.5% to 17.6 %. It is also worth noting that the company resumes its work with the market of South Korea,” Nibulon said. “About 200,000 tonnes of commodities were shipped there, while there were no contracts with this country in previous market year. The share of Nibulon’s exports to Indonesia is stably high.”

Nibulon noted last year’s achievement of direct participation in public tenders for barley purchase held by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nibulon has been accredited by Saudi Arabia Grains Organization (SAGO).

Nibulon said that SAGO has already expressed its satisfaction with the work with the Ukrainian company and its desire to increase the volume of cooperation.