LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, U.S. — BinMaster and Stockpile Reports have teamed up to provide material management.

The partnership combines level sensors with image processing software to optimize and simplify the customer experience across the agricultural, mining, and cement industries, the companies said.

The two companies share a vision of integrating inventory from piles and storage bins into a single dashboard accessed from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. The mission is to provide inventory insights and transparency to production, purchasing, and finance across an entire organization and for individual production sites.

Since 2013, Stockpile reports has provided volume measurements from uploaded photos taken by a cell phone, drone, plane or fixed mounted camera.

Dashboards populated with photographs, site statistics, and materials report information on the volume, tonnage, and condition risks for each pile. This SaaS subscription allows users to track pile inventory on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

BinMaster provides advanced technology such as 3D scanners, non-contact-radar, and lasers to measure level and volume. Wireless solutions, digital gateways, convenient consoles, and remote inventory management programs complement a continuous and point level sensor selection.

“We are often asked if we can measure silos as well and now, the answer is yes,” said David Boardman, chief executive officer of Stockpile Reports. “Financial and operations staff today demand digitized solutions. Our partnership with BinMaster allows us to provide the integrated solution they need.”

Scott McLain, CEO of Garner Industries, added, “BinMaster welcomes the opportunity to offer customers an even more robust inventory management solution. Integrating inventory reporting for piles and silos is a unique offering that fits perfectly with our customer-driven organization.”