WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — G3 Canada Ltd. on Aug. 14 celebrated the grand opening of its G3 Melville elevator in Saskatchewan. A day later, on Aug. 15, the company celebrated the grand opening of its G3 Saskatoon West elevator in Saskatchewan.

According to G3, the new high-efficiency primary elevators will increase the company’s grain origination network in Western Canada and expand the company’s vision, building “a smarter path” from farmers’ fields to global markets.

The new elevators are similar to G3 Canada’s other high-efficiency facilities on the Canadian Prairies, featuring 134-car loop tracks capable of loading a full unit train while in continuous motion. They also feature high-capacity drags under the driveway that allow farmers to unload a super-B in five minutes or less without moving.

Both elevators are located on CN Rail, which G3 said gives the company excellent rail access to its Thunder Bay and St. Lawrence River terminals.

“These are the latest additions to our growing network of high-efficiency facilities across Western Canada and we are excited to be part of these communities,” said Don Chapman, chief executive officer of G3 Canada Ltd. “We’ve already heard very positive feedback from farmers who enjoy delivering to G3 Melville and Saskatoon West because of our responsive, reliable and friendly staff.”

G3 Canada Ltd.’s assets include primary grain elevators and port terminals stretching from Leader, Saskatchewan, to Quebec City, Quebec, a Great Lake grain transport vessel, and the largest private fleet of grain hopper cars in Canada.