ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN — Good growing conditions have led to an increase in Pakistan’s wheat production in 2017-18, up 800,000 tonnes to 26.3 million tonnes, according to an Aug. 3 Global Agricultural Information Network report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Pakistani government procured nearly 6 million tonnes of wheat from the recently concluded harvest, the USDA noted.

“At a procurement price of $310 per tonne, producers who receive the government support price are among the better compensated wheat growers globally,” the USDA said. “In spite of the lower-than-targeted procurement, the government now holds 10.8 million tonnes of wheat at the start of the local marketing years, one of the highest beginning stock levels on record.”

Wheat exports in 2017-18 were around 1.2 million tonnes, unchanged from the previous USDA estimate. Exports for the coming crop season are forecast slightly lower at 1 million tonnes, reflecting 800,000 tonnes of subsidized exports plus 200,000 tonnes of wheat-equivalent flour to Afghanistan.

“Exports of flour to Afghanistan have slowed as border security and oversight have increased in recent months,” the USDA said.