wheat field sky
KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine’s 2018-19 wheat production and exports are expected to decline due to a severe drought that affected the country this spring and the first half of the summer, according to a forecast issued on July 24 by UkrAgroConsult.

UkrAgroConsult reduced its wheat harvest forecast by 3.1% from June to 24.7 million tonnes and exports to 15.5 million tonnes from 16 million tonnes.

Ukraine harvested 14.3 million tonnes of winter wheat from 67% of the sown area with an average yield of 3.39 tonnes per hectare as of July 23, according to UkrAgroConsult. At the same date in 2017, the yield was 3.58 tonnes per hectare.

UkrAgroConsult raised its forecast for this year’s corn harvest to 27.3 million tonnes from the previous estimate of 26.6 million tonnes. It said the country’s corn export forecast for 2018-19 remains unchanged at 21 million tonnes.