Grain Silos
Photo: Adobe Stock
BEIJING, CHINA — The State Council for the People’s Republic of China on July 23 issued a notice stating its intent to launch a major inspection on the quantity and quality of the country’s national strategic grain storage. Such action is expected to prevent risks and safeguard state grain reserves, the State Council said.

According to the State Council, the inspection will cover “strategic grains” stored by companies and the commodity grains of those companies. “Strategic grains” are defined by the State Council as state grain reserves, grains with minimum purchase price and national temporary grain reserves.

As part of its inspection the State Council said it intends to check quantity, variety, ownership of the grains, quality and safety indexes.

The State Council is asking that all companies that store strategic grains to check the grains themselves by April 2019. After that time, general investigations and spot checks will be conducted by local and central governments, the State Council said.

All departments involved in the investigations and spot checks will submit a summary report to the State Council by the end of October 2019.