Symaga designed new insulation for the silo roof for a project with Yanmar. Photo courtesy of Symaga.
VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — Symaga recently completed a storage project for Yanmar in Sapporo Island, Japan, that required tailor-made solutions.

The facility stores premium Japonica rice, a delicate grain with a unique texture.

For the project, Symaga designed a new insulation for the silo roof and pre-lacquered galvanized steel sectors for the cylinder in order to create an air chamber for extra insulation. An interior catwalk and inside ladder were installed to improve access to the silo.

A system was developed to provide increased ventilation that this type of rice requires. A full aeration floor was installed to allow a better airflow, with a special duct system in the upper parts of the silo.

Symaga said this project showcases its technical and manufacturing capacities.

“It brings Japan to the list of our reference countries, a highly sophisticated market with very special storage requirements,” Symaga said.