feed for cattle
MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — The IGP Institute is offering an online animal nutrition course that will address: why some nutrients are more important in feed, how some animals utilize feed better than others and what the value should be given to various ingredients when making purchasing decisions. 

The IGP Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition will be offered July 16-Aug. 25. The course is designed for professionals who are interested in attaining an understanding of animal nutritional requirements and the digestive systems of production animals. The main training focus is on the elementary principles of farm and animal nutrition. This includes the anatomy, nutritional digestion, absorption, metabolism and a general overview of the nutrients necessary for animal growth and development. By the end of this course, participants will know how an animal’s digestive system and nutritional requirements influences the ingredients and makeup of feed.

“It is important to understand the basics of animal nutrition in order to work in the animal feed industry,” said Cassandra Jones, assistant professor of animal sciences and industry. “Whether you are feeding animals, manufacturing feed, work in sales or marketing or are responsible for procurement or logistics, understanding the background of animal nutrition helps you understand the purpose and function of the product with which you are dealing.”

The course is a five-week, self-paced, online training, including lectures and readings specifically designed for industry professionals looking to gain a larger understanding of animal digestive anatomy and utilization. The course offers one continuing education credit.

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