WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Deliveries of two deregistered wheat varieties in the Canada Prairie Spring White (CPSW) class will be eligible for grades 1 and 2 until July 31, 2011, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) said on May 13. The varieties are:

•Snowhite 475

•Snowhite 476

After July 31, these varieties will only be eligible for the grade wheat, Canada western feed. The CGC will remove them from the varieties of wheat designated in the Canada prairie spring white wheat class.

Snowhite 475 and Snowhite 476 were deregistered on April 28. Deregistered wheat varieties are only eligible for the grade, Canada western feed wheat.

However, to help producers who may still have these varieties in storage, the CGC decided to extend the period of eligibility, allowing producers to deliver these varieties into the CPSW class before the end of the current crop year.

To find out if a variety of wheat, malt barley, flaxseed or solin is eligible for the class of grain, go to the CGC’s web site,www.grainscanada.gc.caand check the variety designation lists.