Buhler KSU exec course
Participant Danea Snavely, Snavely Milling Co., sees the result from changing the optical sorter in the Hal Ross Flour Mill. Photos courtesy of IGP.
MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — Professionals in the grain industry continue on their education at the IGP Institute. The Bühler-KSU Executive Milling training was held May 21-25 at Kansas State University’s IGP Institute Conference Center.

The training hosted 11 participants from across the United States, who worked in a range of positions within the milling industry, including mill owners, directors and managers. The course served as an introduction to grain cleaning, flour milling and grain quality and functionality.

“The topics covered in this course are important for understanding how and why a flour mill and milling equipment is designed and operated the way it is,” said Shawn Thiele, flour milling and grain processing curriculum manager at the IGP Institute. “It allowed participants to understand milling equipment, the milling process, milling challenges the industry is facing, and flour quality.”

Buhler KSU exec course
Shawn Thiele, flour milling and grain processing curriculum manager, assists participant Shawn Hatchel who is checking the sifting break releases as part of an activity in the Hal Ross Flour Mill. 
Those topics included raw materials, cleaning systems, milling systems, finished product handling and storage, performance evaluation in the flour mill, basics in starch damage, basics in flow quality, factors that influence an investment decision and basics in aspiration.

“The course also allows time for hands-on experience in the Hal Ross Flour Mill looking at cleaning, conditioning and the milling process,” Thiele said.

He said the time in the mill allows participants to apply the training with the oversight of the experts.

As someone who is new to the industry participant Jeremy Holman, operations manager at Bay State Milling, said the training gave him a much greater understanding of the mill processes and allowed him to mill flour, which he had not experienced before.

“I came to the IGP Institute to get a greater sense of the inner workings of the mill allowing me the knowledge to make good business decisions for Bay State,” Holman said.