ZARAGOZA, SPAIN — SIMEZA, a division of PETKUS Engineering, recently completed several large grain storage projects.

Bakex Millers Ltd., a Kenyan-based leader in flour milling in east Africa, expanded its silo storage for wheat. SIMEZA supplied five flat bottom silos with a total storage capacity of 18,000 tonnes, a volume of 23,000 cubic meters and an intake capacity of 80 tph. SIMEZA designed, engineered, delivered and commissioned the storage facility.

In addition, La Zaragozana S.A., a leader for brewery plants in western Europe and based in Spain, awarded to SIMEZA the expansion of a storage silo plant for malt, broken corn and rice.

Ten galvanized corrugated hopper silos with approximately 3,400 tonnes of storage capacity and a volume of 5,000 cubic meters were built. The complexity of storing different products, loading and unloading logistics as well as preserving and retracing product quality has to be well understood and thus, engineered by the experts, SIMEZA said.