John Blicha Director of Global Marketing and Communication for Eriez
John Blicha

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S. — John Blicha has been promoted to the new position of director of global marketing and communications for Eriez, which specializes in separation technologies.

Blicha will direct Eriez’ global marketing strategy and programs, manage internal and external communication campaigns, design new product commercialization programs and coordinate marketing objectives with Eriez’ subsidiaries around the world. He also will continue to manage the company’s global website and oversee all direct advertising, public relations and promotional activities.

“As director of global marketing and communications, John will create and implement a more cohesive global marketing approach to increase Eriez’ market share,” said Tim Shuttleworth, president and chief executive officer. “He will also provide strategic and operational direction to our international teams in developing and executing localized world-class marketing programs which align with our corporate strategies and objectives. In his time at Eriez, John has proven himself as a visionary and a talented leader. Under John’s direction, I am confident our global marketing and communication efforts will continue to advance Eriez on the worldwide stage and help take us to the next level of growth and success.”

Blicha has two degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a bachelor’s of science in marketing and a bachelor’s of science in management. He received a master’s degree in business administration from California University of Pennsylvania.