?YKOLAYIV, UKRAINE — NIBULON on Oct. 28 appealed to the public and the media to refrain from political or any other negative assessments in view of the cessation of grain crops purchase, reception and storage.

"Our company is a part of Ukraine. We live and work here; we heavily invest in the economy. Together with Ukraine, we have experienced different situations related to the export of grain — a complete ban, quotas and licensing. NIBULON works transparently and openly reports on procurement prices of grain on its website," said General Director of NIBULON Oleksiy Vadaturskyy. "Therefore, in connection with the introduction of quotas for grain export, we have openly reported on our website that we stopped purchase and reception of grain, considering that elevator capacities are full to the overflowing. There are no other political or financial reasons of this solution. We hope that the issue of distribution of quotas will be objectively resolved as soon as possible."

Vadaturskyy also expressed surprise and regret at the fact that currently in the media a number of journalists have made a political assessment of the situation. "We should not speculate on the current situation. Everything is extremely simple and logical; it is not policy-induced," said Vadaturskyy.

He also stressed that NIBULON respects the government moves to stabilize the situation in food markets. Moreover, he noted that in August the company was among the first in Ukraine to sign treaties with Mykolayiv and Poltava Regional State Administrations on supply of grain for these regions at fixed prices that guarantees a stable and affordable cost of social kinds of bread.

"It is our direct investment into food security of Ukraine. The governors of these regions — Mykola Kruglov and Oleksandr Udovychenko — have repeatedly noted the significance of our actions," said Vadaturskyy.

"It’s really frustrating that publications with political assessments appear just after the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov, objectively learnt and supported a large-scale investment program of NIBULON, that provides implementation of a patriotic idea to revive the navigation along the Dnipro, the Southern Bug and other rivers of Ukraine. Such negative publications and assessments that are used by the media in its printing materials drive a wedge of confrontation and mistrust between the Cabinet of Ministers and our company that is the largest domestic investor, the agricultural producer and exporter."